Frequently asked questions

Is dietcoachone only suitable for people who have a lot of free time?

A: No matter whether you want to cook all of the dietcoachone recipes, file your own recipes with the Coach or integrate individual foods into your daily planner, the 7-day overview and the graphics for your 30-day overview show you in detail how balanced your diet is overall. The important thing is that you eat in a healthy and balanced manner throughout the entire week. The recipe categories also give you the option to select snacks or quick recipes and integrate them in your daily life.

I have not received an email response to the questions I asked the Coach.

A: Please check your spam folder; perhaps our email was placed there by mistake. If the email is not in the spam folder, please send us your email address via our contact form so that we can compare addresses. If you are already registered with dietcoachone, please use the customer service form after logging in.

Does dietcoachone offer personal consultations?

A: Yes, just contact one of our experts. Our experts are available to you any time for any questions you might have about healthy weight loss and healthy diet changes.

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When does the dietary change end?

A: : In the best case scenario your dietary adjustment will be long-term and permanent. dietcoachone will help you structure your diet in a healthy and balanced way. Once you have achieved your ideal weight, you will no longer be in the weight-loss phase. Your daily balance will acknowledge your weight change, and your caloric intake will remain stable. Achieving a stable ideal weight is important for the long-term so you don’t gain weight again.

What do I do when I am ill or on vacation?

A: When you are on vacation, you can continue to use dietcoachone on all computers with Internet capability. If you are cooking for yourself while on vacation, you can easily prepare a weekly plan with your favorite dishes and then just print and follow the recipes.

Is dietcoachone customized to the individual?

A: dietcoachone is custom-designed to each individual. Your personal user profile, including BMI, energy demands, sports activities and food preferences, are calculated and taken into consideration by dietcoachone. Your daily planner gives you a lucid and simple overview of the recommendations dietcoachone has provided for you.

Technical questions

Registration does not work/Content is not displayed properly

A: Please check your browser version (Firefox from Version 5 and Internet Explorer from Version 8) and perform a browser update. We recommend deleting all cookies and the cache (temporary storage for Internet pages). Please contact us via the contact form if your computer accepts session cookies but you still cannot login.

Why do I have to allow cookies?

A: So-called session cookies are retrieved from the user in order to ensure that the Coach runs smoothly on the server. Forwarding these cookies bypasses a constant user identification query; otherwise the user would have to log in again for each new page.

How do I activate JavaScript in my browser?

You can activate JavaScript as follows:
In Internet Explorer 8:
1.    Open your Internet Explorer browser.
2.    Open the item Extras in the menu.
3.    Open Internet options.
4.    Open the tab Security.
5.    Click level adjust.
6.    Scroll down.
7.    Select the setting Activate under the item Scripting under the subitem Active Scripting.

In Mozilla Firefox 5:
1.    Open the Mozilla Firefox browser.
2.    Open the item Extras in the menu.
3.    Open settings.
4.    Open the tab Content.
5.    Place a checkmark for Activate JavaScript.

After completing this process, please close the browser and reboot the computer. This ensures that the change has been activated.

How do I update my browser?



Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox  


In the upper menu bar of your browser click on “Help” and then on “Search for updates”. Follow the browser instructions to install the current browser version. Another option is to download the latest version at http://mozilla-europe.org.    


Microsoft Internet Explorer Microsoft Internet Explorer  


To update your browser, download the latest version at http://www.microsoft.com/germany/windows/internet-explorer/ and install it on your computer.

Must JavaScript be enabled?

A: JavaScript must be enabled when using dietcoachone. JavaScript makes dietcoachone user-friendly for you. dietcoachone always uses JavaScript when it is beneficial for the display and operation of the Coach. Please take note that some of the dietcoachone functions cannot be used or only used with limited functionality when JavaScript is not activated.

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What happens after registration?

A: After a successful registration you can customize dietcoachone with your own personal details. Recipes will be displayed according to your age, weight, food allergies, sports activities and desired weight. You can check your daily calorie account and improve it with a healthy and balanced diet and by exercising. Log in now and get started!

Is dietcoachone unsuitable for certain people?

A: We cannot offer the Coach to pregnant women and individuals under the age of 18. If you are suffering from any illnesses, you may consult our team of experts at any time, have a discussion with your physician or use the contact form to talk to us. We will gladly advise you!

Can I participate in the dietcoachone program as a vegetarian?

A: Absolutely! dietcoachone takes your personal dietary preferences into consideration. If you’re a vegetarian, dietcoachone lets you exclude all recipes with meat, fish or even milk products and eggs. Perhaps you would like to make an exception and cook something with meat for your guests? Also not a problem: All exclusions of foods can be changed at any time!

Does dietcoachone also take my food allergies and food intolerances into account?

A: Yes, of course! dietcoachone can be adjusted to your own personal ideal weight, sports activities and more. With the Coach you can also indicate your food preferences, eating behavior and food intolerances; dietcoachone is completely customizable to your person!

We recommend consulting your physician if you are suffering from a severe aform of food intolerance or allergies.

What should I be aware of when it comes to my computer?

A: Your computer should have Internet capability and, if possible, a fast Internet connection. As a browser we recommend Internet Explorer from Version 8 or Firefox from Version 5. Please activate JavaScript and ensure that your browser accepts session cookies. If you have questions regarding your computer’s system requirements, feel free to contact us via the contact form .

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I am a premium customer, how long is my subscription?

A: Your subscription depends on your contract formation, which you selected at registration. You can choose between a quarterly, biannual and annual contract. If you do not cancel your contract, the subscription will be extended by the selected contract term.

I am a premium customer; can I revoke the contract formation?

A: After receiving the contract confirmation, you have the right to revoke the contract formation within 14 days. It is sufficient to send the cancellation within 14 days via the contact form or by mail to Coach Media Ltd., Fritz-Vomfelde-Straße 34 in 40547 Düsseldorf, Germany. In your message please state your user name, customer number and email address, which you submitted at registration.

What are the cancellation periods?

A: You can cancel dietcoachone at any time via the customer service form. However, we must receive the cancellation in written form at least 14 days before the end of the term. Please state your user name, customer number and email address, which you submitted at registration.  Your cancellation term depends on the payment interval you chose at registration. After receiving the contract confirmation, you have the right to revoke the contract formation within 14 days. Your membership payment will only be processed after the first 14 days have elapsed.

As a premium customer where can I change my payment data customer?

A:  You can easily submit any changes to your payment data (bank account, credit card number) via the customer service form after logging in or you can inform us personally via our customer hotline.

Can I subsequently change the payment interval?

A: It is not possible to change the payment conditions or minimum contract terms of an active contract.

Will my Premium Membership be extended automatically?

A: Your membership will be extended automatically by the selected payment interval unless Coach Media Ltd. receives a written cancellation no later than 14 days before the due date of the next payment extension. It is sufficient to send an informal email via the customer service form while logged in.

How can I cancel my Premium Membership?

A: The contract must be cancelled in written form no later than 14 days before the expiry of the contract term; otherwise it will be automatically extended by the previous contract term. The cancellation must be sent in text form via the service form in the membership area or mailed (Coach Media Ltd., dietcoachone Service Center, Fritz-Vomfelde-Straße 34, 40547 Düsseldorf, Germany) or sent by fax +49 211 53 883 112 (0.14 Euro per minute from a landline; at the most 0.42 Euro per minute from a mobile phone). The date of receipt is effective for the cancellation. The cancellation notice must include the user name and the designation of the cancelled coaching program.